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Sustainable Forest Products

Timber, due to its hardness, lightness, ease to cut/saw/mould to give various shapes, heat resistance, electricity resistance, sound resistance, buoyancy, and availability in abundance had been used for various items from tools/weapons to houses/boats by human beings. Timber trade had been one the oldest trades of human civilization.  King Solomon's purchase of Cedar and Pine logs from Tyre for the construction of temple is recorded in The Bible. Solomon had ruled over Israel during B.C.1097-997.

Timber was the first product of Pargan when it started its operation a decade ago. Even though the company has added many products to its glossary, timber is still one of the key revenue generators for Pargan.

Pargan supplies timber logs originating from Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Togo, and Solomon Islands.


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