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Cashew Nuts

The cashew tree (botanical name: Anacardium occidentale), native of Brazil, was spread from Brazil by the Portuguese. The Portuguese name for the tree is Cajueiro and for the fruit is Caju. It is now cultivated in all those regions where the climate is warm and humid.

India, Vietnam, and Brazil, in that order, are the largest producers of cashew kernels. Collectively these countries' exports account for more than 90% of all cashew kernel exports. The other producers are Tanzania, Guinea Bissau, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin, Nigeria, Mozambique and Indonesia. The major importing nations are USA, Europe, China, and West Asia.

Pargan is a significant supplier of Raw Cashew Nuts to India and Vietnam. We procure Raw Cashew Nuts from Indonesia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Cashew Kernels

Pargan sources the finest quality of cashew kernels at suitable price due to its relationship with cashew processors in India and Vietnam.

There is a rising share in the World trade for Vietnamese Kernels, primarily because of the processors' dedicated adherence to quality parameters.

We, through our office in India and Vietnam, supply various grades of cashew kernels to meet the varying demands of our clients.


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White Whole (WW): WW-180
Scorched Whole (SW): WW-210
Dessert Whole (DW): WW-240
Large White Pieces (LWP/LP): WW-320
Small Pieces (SP): WW-450