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General Merchandise

Having seen the supply opportunities in the markets where Pargan procured products from, it had been working strategically for the past few years to leverage its relationships and tis presence in Asian and African countries to expand its horizon in new territories and new products. With this focus, the company has been able to successfully add selective products to its portfolio, which are different from the agricultural products that Pargan had been trading in.

For many of the product, we work as the sole selling/negotiating agent in respective countries. These products are supplied by manufacturers in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Among the non agro products that the company deals in, following are the leading items:

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Biscuit & Confectionery
Origin: Indonesia, Vietnam
Milk &  Milk Products (In the Past)
Origin: Vietnam
Jute and Jute Bags
Origin: Bangladesh, India
Caps & Closures (Used by Food and
Beverage Manufacturers)
Origin: India
Origin: China